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#NRF2018: AI, robotics and VR: the latest key retail trends

After CES in Las Vegas, startups from all over the globe will now be flocking to New York for the Retail’s Big Show. The National Retail Federation is expecting some 35,000 visitors, including around 20,000 retailers looking for tomorrow’s trends and technologies. The NRF Retail’s Big Show, the global event for retailers which is taking place this week in New York, has a dedicated startups area where around twenty new companies are presenting the latest technological innovations in retail, particularly in the field of artificial intelligence, robotics and virtual and augmented reality. For the second year running, there will...

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Virtual reality for the training of healthcare professionals

Treating patients via virtual reality is already possible, and so is the training of tomorrow’s doctors. In training or in the operating room, 21st-century medicine is using VR to offer better treatment to patients. With the 3D immersion offered by this technology, students learn better, which in turn improves patient care. Virtual reality is used to help and treat patients for more and more conditions such as anxiety, stress, visual impairment, phobias, and mental disorders. It is also used to train healthcare professionals: tomorrow’s doctors have already been experimenting with VR with very tangible results for their patients. Teaching...

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Virtual reality is expanding workspaces

After video games, healthcare and entertainment, virtual reality is now invading the working environment. VR can transform professional relationships and the workplace: training sessions, meetings, conferences, demos - the potential of VR for businesses is huge. During a conference in October, Mark Zuckerberg demonstrated that virtual reality meetings were in the not-too distant future. From the San José conference room he started a meeting on the Oculus app — Facebook’s VR headset— with his co-workers Lucy and Michael, or rather, their avatars. Much like in reality, all three can manipulate objects, talk, present documents or even watch a video....

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#SupplyChain: how augmented reality can boost quality controls

On assembly lines, on construction sites, before delivering luxury products, augmented reality (AR) helps operators detect manufacturing and finishing defects. Across the whole supply chain, it saves considerable time and reinforces quality assurance, an increasingly critical issue for manufacturers. The most dominant element of AR is reality, which is one of its main assets for technical operations. For AR is based on a real environment upon which complementary digital information is superimposed (text, video, user interface, 3D object), displayed in real time. This data varies depending on the orientation of the device (smartphone, tablet, glasses or headset) and thus...

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2016: The Year of Virtual Reality with YouTube and Facebook

Google and Facebook have embarked on a race against the clock to push their virtual reality platform and technology. In addition to hosting and creating and broadcasting content, there’s the issue of how to monetise the platforms. After 360° videos, the two social media giants are looking to the future with live, immersive broadcasts. Virtual reality for both leisure and professional use is becoming a strategic technology for a number of players. At this year’s MWC in Barcelona, Mark Zuckerberg promoted Facebook’s partnership with Samsung for its Gear VR headset, which is powered by software made by Facebook’s Oculus...

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