Through networks, women in the digital sector continue to assert themselves

International Women’s Day is always a good opportunity to highlight not only inequalities but also actions which make progress in terms of diversity and equality. To assert ‘girl power’ in the technologies and innovations sector, from Paris to New York and Bangladesh, female entrepreneurs are increasingly getting organised in networks. Here are a few examples. 33%: the percentage of women in the digital sector in France, according to the 2016 Syntec Numérique (professional body of companies in the digital sector) survey. This percentage is still very insufficient and far below France’s overall rate (53%) in all sectors, and also...

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Uberisation, or economic zeitgeist

Are the sharing economy and the “Uber effect” just a fad or a revolution in consumption and business models? Only time will tell. In the meantime, one thing is sure: certain P2P digital platforms are challenging some of the long-established principles of the labour market. The “Observatoire de l’ubérisation”, a French non-profit organisation consisting of 25 leading figures including digital entrepreneurs, economists, politicians, anthropologists and  sociologists, was recently created for the purpose of devising new solutions – social, fiscal, legal and economic – in line with the “uberisation” of the economy. This new phenomenon has sent shockwaves through society...

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Who benefits from the sharing economy?

In terms of fund-raising, revenue and jobs, the collaborative economy is still a fairly minor phenomenon, but is part of a new dynamic which has other, indirect consequences… The financial value of some of the stars of the sharing economy has sky-rocketed: BlaBlaCar is worth an estimated $1.2 billion, far behind AirBnB ($10 billion) and Uber ($50 billion).  The top five  5 sharing economy sectors (peer-to-peer finance, online staffing, peer-to-peer accommodation, car-sharing and music and video streaming) could be worth $335,000 billion by 2025, according to PwC UK, growing at a faster CAGR than the traditional rental industries. How...

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#Recruitment: innovation and purpose are what graduates want

Future professionals are seeking innovative, successful companies with a strong corporate culture – which is exactly what the leading companies have to offer. What sort of companies do engineering, business and IT students want to work for? According to an international survey by Universum*, what millennials want above anything else is “entrepreneurial energy in the workplace” and the opportunity to work in “innovative settings”. Digital giants such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, Intel and Samsung, closely followed by car manufacturers like BMW, are perceived as the most attractive employers for this generation seeking “purpose and innovation.” A survey conducted by...

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Do you have the temperament for #entrepreneurship?

Is there such thing as a typical entrepreneur profile? Are there specific innate qualities? What sort of questions should future entrepreneurs ask themselves before setting up a business? Judging by the profiles of two prominent entrepreneurs and feedback from INSEAD graduates, the stereotypes aren’t far off the mark. Up for anything, optimistic, creative, self-possessed, versatile, sociable, well-connected, able to survive on very little sleep and use failure as an opportunity to bounce back, and never one to give up or take short cuts… These are just some of the characteristics that even scientists associate with successful entrepreneurs. Pierre Valade, the...

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