Nieuwegein, November 9, 2015 – Econocom, a European company specialising in the digital transformation of businesses, ranks 2nd. place in the Computable top-15 list of the financially strongest hardware and software resellers in the Netherlands. Econocom also ranks higher in terms of other financial criteria’s, resulting in a nice jump to 27nd. in the financial top-100 list of Computable.


It’s a great compliment for runner-up Econocom to hold this place among well-known names such as Atos and IBM. For many, the Computable 100 is THE reference list for ICT companies in The Netherlands.

“We are proud of this excellent ranking. It confirms the healthy financial growth and success of our company”, said Yann Toutant, General Manager of Econocom Netherlands.

The basis for Computable’s annual analysis is the financial performance of ICT companies over 2014. With its results in 2015 so far, Econocom demonstrates that it is already prepared for next year: in the first nine months of 2015 Econocom Group published revenue growth of 12% across all business activities and geographic locations.

A digital and connected world

In the age of digital transformation Econocom continues to challenge and stimulate its clients with its combination of financial expertise and technological know-how. As digital devices are increasingly penetrating  organisations’ core business and are key to maintain a competitive edge, companies are facing significant challenges.

Simply using or purchasing one tablet, smartphone or other digital device  is no big deal.. But it represents considerable investments to pay serious attention to if dozens or even hundreds or thousands of systems are involved in the business process. Furthermore, reporting, tracking, maintenance and management of all these assets will become essential and challenging, especially if the investments are made in quick succession and over a short period of time. And what about the high refreshment rate the market expects of these type of devices?

Toutant added: “A clear digital strategy and implementing digital customer interfaces is crucial for today’s businesses. End-customers expect a new experience, to be surprised, cherished and served at any moment. If you don’t offer that possibility, there is always a competitor who will. It’s not about whether you make the switch to digital, but how you put it in motion. Do you opt for a proven e-commerce and e-service strategy, or will you go beyond and change the rules of your industry? And how will you align it with finance needs”

Outsourcing the risk of depreciation

Innovative and flexible operational leasing solutions to finance fleets of digital assets or even outsourcing the entire procurement, asset tracking and management processes is becoming essential for the market of today. Economic ownership is becoming less important to organisations and the risk of depreciation is, like maintenance and service, easy to outsource. It’s more efficient to pay for use instead of ownership and simply replace the equipment when your business requires it.

Econocom 2nd Computable 100
Econocom has a broad and solid customer base in the public, education, healthcare, retail, and SME sectors in The Netherlands. A combination of a sound understanding of digital transformations and extensive experience in financing and managing digital assets has enabled Econocom to support amongst others attractive brands like Basic Fit and Accor Hotels in their digital strategy.


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