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How to combat ransomware extortion

Lower your guard for one second, and you’re hit by a ransomware attack which blocks access to your files and apps and extorts money from you. Prevention solutions and measures, useful tips in the event of an incident: here’s what you need to know to fight this plague. According to Symantec, 3 million new malware appear each day, i.e. three times as many as two years ago. According to the French Ministry of Defence, 24,000 cyber-attacks were fended off in France in 2016. After FIC 2017, a forum on cyber-security which recently took place in Lille, it’s red alert...

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#IoT and security: we’re getting there!

Still in a random fashion, the number of measures to improve the security of connected objects and systems is increasing. The first contests, labels, CERTtm and measures are leading the way. “A webcam or a DVD player can now be a part of a zombie cyber-army’s arsenal which exploits the Internet of Things,” say Digital Security in their 2016 report on IoT attacks. Attacks have become more diverse and more frequent, targeting critical sites such as nuclear power plants, industrial structures such as dams, and there will most likely be more attacks in 2017. These cyber-threats can come from...

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Ultrabook PCs are top sellers

Ultrabooks topped computer sales in 2016, thus boosting a declining global market through innovations which facilitate mobile work. The top-selling manufacturers are Lenovo, HP, Dell, Asus, Apple and Acer. What are the new products that will seduce users in 2017? Despite 267.717 million computers sold in 2016, the market has dropped by 3.7 %, according to Gartner’s latest study. The lifecycles of PCs are extending, which has boosted smartphone sales. All manufacturers but Dell are seeing a decrease in sales, but still manage to do well on the ultrabook market. The mobile market is thus boosting computer sales and should...

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#CES2017: the innovations of our dreams

From the connected hairbrush to futuristic robots and autonomous motorbikes, the 2017 CES in Las Vegas captivated geeks around the globe. In Nevada’s city of lights, digital companies tried to put their latest innovations in the spotlight, whether or not they were useful, but the digital tools of tomorrow are somewhere in the exhibition’s hallways.   For 50 years now, the CES –which started in New York before moving to Las Vegas– has showcased tomorrow’s IT objects. From the VHS player in 1970 to the collaborative economy in 2016, most of the technological trends have become popular in the...

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Technologies and digital marketing: it’s time for real changes!

We’re still talking about cloud, IoT, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, but these technologies and the uses they bring are changing. Formerly mere trends, they’re becoming real transformation drivers. These are the main conclusions of the observations and  predictions for 2017, which are very common at this time of the year. This year however, there’s a general call for more action.   Cloud, IoT, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and connected humans: more than trends, these fields of digital application will increase their impact on the economy and everyday life, according to IDC. “We’ve reached a turning point in digital transformation.”...

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