The best cloud storage apps

Ever since the advent of the cloud, it’s become an essential working tool: whether sending emails or managing documents, the cloud makes mobile working and document backups easier and saves time. Here’s our selection of essential apps for working in the cloud in optimal conditions. Google Drive Google’s ultra-versatile cloud solution has been available since 2012. Google Drive allows you to store files and work directly with Google’s office suite (Google Doc, Google Sheets, Google Slide, Google Forms, compatible with Office) across all your digital devices. Everything is accessible via your Google account, which also means you can manage...

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The hottest new high-end smartphones

The Google Pixel, iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 in compact or phablet form are vying for the top spot on the high-end smartphone market. If you’re an Android or iOS fan and are in the market for a new model, here are a few tips, reviews and specs to help you choose from 6 flagship handsets. Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL Goodbye Nexus, hello Pixel and Pixel XL. With these new smartphones, Google is raising the bar with a high-end model that could outshine Apple’s latest offerings, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7Plus. Rather than bending over...

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Company tools and culture: the latest trends that are attracting young talents

Generation Y no longer use email to communicate, just to send documents or CVs. Today’s young workers communicate via the company’s instant messaging system or social network – just as they do in their private life. This is a major asset for recruiting new talents – but not all organisations are ready. To attract and retain talents to the corporate world today, a good salary is no longer enough. Californian startups have understood this and are vying for the best talents on the market by offering a range of perks such as a company gym, table football, free organic...

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What’s new with #Android and #iOS?

Google and Apple have unveiled the main improvements to their next mobile operating systems, including correcting a security flaw, creating third-party applications and Office for Android smartphones. Word, Excel and PowerPoint on Google Play Until recently, the three main software programs of Microsoft Office’s suite were only available in beta or for tablets and by signing in through Google+. But since the end of June 2015 the finalised versions are now available on Android smartphones from 4.4 (KitKat) and up. Users have access to a range of features, depending on the option chosen: Free downloads available to anyone for...

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#eCommerce: a mini-revolution

Google, YouTube and Facebook are introducing “Buy Buttons” in an attempt to challenge the reigning ecommerce champions. Could the “Buy Button” be Google, Facebook and YouTube’s new weapon to rival Amazon and eBay? Europe is the third biggest e-commerce market in the world, behind the US and China, and Amazon ranks second on the international market, behind Alibaba and ahead of eBay. And Google would like to change all that with its latest initiative: a “Buy” button in its sponsored search results, initially available only on mobile devices, according to the Wall Street Journal.  After clicking on the button,...

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Econocom designs, finances and oversees companies’ digital transformation.

With over 10,000 employees in 19 countries and revenue in excess of €2.5 billion, Econocom has all the requisite abilities to ensure the successful implementation of large-scale digital projects: consulting, sourcing and technology management & financing of digital assets, infrastructure, application and business solution services, and project financing.

The Econocom Group share (BE0974266950 - ECONB) has been listed on the Euronext NYSE in Brussels since 1986 and is part of the BelMid index.

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