IoT: the key to smart buildings

IoT can be used to monitor and regulate people and their working environment through sensors that can measure various parameters. Analysing these measurements enables companies to pinpoint any invisible dysfunctions that could affect employees’ productivity and well-being – as GreenMe, a startup specialising in IoT, shows. Real-time assessment of employees’ working conditions is now easy, thanks to IoT French startup GreenMe – an Econocom partner – has devised a device with a built-in sensor that constantly measures parameters such as temperature, moisture, lighting quality, noise and air change rates in offices. At this year’s CES in Las Vegas, GreenMe...

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Digital transformation: how will we work in 2030?

The digital age is disrupting the world of world, so how will we work in the future? While the digital revolution could eliminate more than 30% of jobs as we know them today, it’s not the end of human work, since new technologies are tomorrow’s source of employment. Between robots and uberisation, how will we work in the future? The prospects of the 2030 working world are broad, especially from a digital revolution standpoint. Between the craziest ideas and genuine innovations, the human working environment is also undergoing a digital transformation. Will robots replace humans? Do new technologies mean...

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LinkedIn is getting into #LMS

With the boom in online learning and the training industry as a whole experiencing unprecedented growth this year (15%), the LMS (Learning Management System) market is growing at an astronomical rate. The statistics for digital learning in companies over the next few years are encouraging: global growth is estimated at 13% by 2017 and the market for online learning products and services is set to be worth some $12 billion in revenue. Learning Management System solutions are naturally benefiting from this trend. According to estimations by Elearning Industry, annual growth for the LMS market should reach 25% and revenue...

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How businesses can adapt to the digital transformation

Managers are singled out as being responsible in the digital transformation of companies. But they are not alone. This trend pushes many professionals to re-evaluate how they work. Online review of the challenges faced by staff from general and HR managers to designers. We Need Better Managers, Not More Technocrats By Didier Bonnet and George Westerman Vision is not enough. You need to engage employees in making the vision a reality. Peter Drucker was on to this truth many years ago, writing that “your first and foremost job as a leader is to take charge of your own energy and...

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The impact of collaboration on IT and HR

Tools, methods, organisation… The digital, collaborative enterprise poses a number of challenges for both IT and HR departments. Collaborative cross-platform use: a new challenge for IT? The development of BYOD, cloud-based file sharing and the proliferation of new mobile devices and applications are driving the shift towards more collaborative working, say Gartner in  a report entitled “Mobile Collaboration Will Drive Innovation in Your Workplace’’. Gartner predict that by 2016 the average personal cloud will synchronise and orchestrate at least six different device types (including tablet, smartphone, laptop and desktop). This trend, whilst increasing both productivity for mobile workers and...

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