Commercial #Drones: a growing market

Commercial use of drones is a promising sector: in France, a number of startups are making a name for themselves in this field. But in order to crack the industrial market, manufacturers will have to improve the accuracy of the data collected and Big Data processing. Drones are increasingly being used for professional purposes, chiefly for aerial photography, precision agriculture and public safety. In the industrial sector, the most common applications of drones are currently for inspection and infrastructure monitoring, as illustrated on the table below drawn up by Oliver Wyman. But the full potential of UAVs has barely...

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Data protection, e-payment: #retail needs to win over consumers’ trust

The NRF (National Retail Federation) Retail’s Big Show is a major showcase for new initiatives, offerings and digital innovations in the retail industry. The main focus of this year’s edition, which took place recently, was security issues associated with data and online and contactless payment systems. The leading digital trends for retail were showcased at the latest Retail’s Big Show: omnichannel for pure-play and brick-and-mortar retailers, using data to personalise offerings, simplified analytics solutions, m-payment, and unified IT platforms to ensure a seamless customer experience. Will the solutions on show at NRF 2016 reverse the trend revealed by the...

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Industrial cyber-security: a billion euro issue

For all industry sectors, the increase in the number of IP network connections on their IT systems, combined with increasingly sophisticated and professional hackers mean that the risk of cyber-attacks is higher than ever – with potentially astronomical financial consequences.  All industry sectors are vulnerable, say the experts. According to  Hervé Guillou, chairman of the Conseil des Industries de Confiance et de Sécurité, a group of French companies in the defence and security industries, the banking sector is in the lead when it comes to IT security precautions, but the energy and utility industries (oil, gas, electricity, water), telecoms, manufacturing...

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#Augmentedreality and #Virtualreality for industry 3.0

Driving assistance, maintenance, surveillance, assembly lines: augmented reality and virtual reality are proving valuable in a number of areas and being adopted by the most tech-savvy industries. Augmented reality – not to be confused with virtual reality – is an object or physical place that is enriched with data, be it  text, numbers, sound, graphical content, video or GPS. Wearables such as smart glasses (e.g. Google Glass, Vuzix) are promising examples of this type of technology, but a number of applications are used on tablets and smartphones too. Virtual reality, meanwhile, a prime example of which is the head-mounted...

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Metal #3D printing: revolutionising industry

Metal additive manufacturing is fulfilling its promise: it’s already being used for making aircraft parts, and the manufacturing industry in general is starting to invest lavishly in solutions. Although still in its early stages, 3D printing using different metal powders and laser to heat up the different layers could offer a whole new range of possibilities for the aeronautical and aerospace industries, but also for medicine, (for orthopaedic implants) and jewellery, a leading-edge sector where the technology is concerned. Over the next ten years, according to predictions by Market Research*, metals will be the fastest-growing segment of 3D printing,...

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