An overview of the impact of the digital transformation

How is digital adoption progressing? What are its potential advantages for education, healthcare, retail? Will CIOs get swept away by the digital wave? How to manage IoT security? The digital transition is opening up new possibilities for all organisations and industry sectors, and as 2015 draws to a close, we look back at some of the major trends of the year as reported by the Econocom blog. And we’ll be back on Monday 4 January 2016. How the flipped classroom can help pupils with learning difficulties. “The flipped classroom, in the conditions of this study, is an effective tool for...

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#ClickandCollect: a major new asset for retail

Will drive-through stores and click & collect make home delivery a thing of the past? For some brands, they already have, and the trend is set to continue, say retail experts. Originally published on 19 January 2015, updated on 5 June 2015 Retailers need to understand that what’s important to consumers is being able to shop – as easily and quickly as possible – irrespective of the channel, as summed up in a tweet by a New York-based specialist in social media and retail: Click & Collect: for the buy-now-want-now generation Click & Collect is one way to address...

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#Geolocation: new possibilities for banking and #retail

Using an IP address or beacons, location-based services (LBS) are on the rise: even banks are experimenting with this and other technologies in an attempt to personalise customer care and tighten security for mobile transactions. Over the past few months, location-based services have proved to be valuable for personalising customer service. Locating e-commerce customers via their IP address enables retailers to send contextually-relevant content, such as special offers when customers are in stores, winter sports items when they’re at ski resorts and products adapted to local weather conditions. Indoor geolocation has also risen steadily since Apple first launched iBeacons...

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#m-commerce: a booming market

Mobile commerce is thriving: but to provide the right customer service, retailers have to think “mobile first’’ in terms of their contact strategy and IT organisation. Here’s what the experts say. “Whereas mobiles used to be used mainly for consulting information or playing games, now it’s become a tool for sales, for transaction,” observes Bertrand Jonquois, MD of Atsukè, a company that provides B2B m-commerce solutions, in an interview with ViuzAndCo. And the latest figures for mobile purchases confirm that the trend is on the rise: 55% of all traffic on French fashion e-commerce site Vente Privées.com currently comes...

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#Retail: offline makes a comeback thanks to digital

Google, Zappos and Spartoo are making their first foray into physical stores, proving that the brick-and-mortar store is still very much alive, kicking and ultra-connected. In the world of on and offline convergence in retail, the latest buzz is about Amazon, Spartoo and Google. In the autumn of 2014, there were rumours of Amazon’s plans to open a store in Manhattan. The rumour has since been denied, but the idea itself is absolutely bang-on trend. French fashion e-commerce site Spartoo, started in 2006 and with an online presence in 28 countries, recently set up its first brick-and-mortar store in...

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