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The 6 commandments of the European #SmartCity

The concept of a smart city is a complex one. There have been a multitude of smart city rankings, with criteria varying considerably from one organisation to another. So Europe has decided to clarify these characteristics for measuring the progress of cities that have implemented smart city policies and set forth a set of guidelines. Luxembourg, Montpellier, Maastricht, Bruges, Portsmouth, Valladolid: in 2012, these cities were among 70 that were commended for their digital maturity by the Smart European City Project, a group of experts and scholars in the fields of new technologies, town planning and geography. Their first...

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#SmartCity: why hyper-connectivity isn’t enough

Can digital and IoT turn administrative barriers, governance of urban areas and infrastructures upside down to create even bigger connected territories? Are the technologies sufficiently citizen-oriented? We looked at two points of view that are driving the smart city concept into the future. “The City of the Future is not a city at all, but a powerful economic region.” John M. Eger, an American expert on economics and public policy, believes we have to push back the frontiers of the current concept of the smart city so that it’s more in line with the needs of regional and metropolitan economies*....

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Smart ideas and smart city rankings: a look at #SmartCities around the world (4/4)

How can cities implement digital innovations whilst limiting costs? New York and Belgrade have been experimenting with some innovative ideas. Meanwhile, as the end of the year approaches, emedia looks back at the world’s ‘best of’ smart cities for 2014. Innovative deployments for wireless connectivity and IoT So what if no one uses phone boxes anymore: the city of  New York has decided to rehabilitate them by turning them into high-speed Wi-Fi hotspots and mobile device charger points, with an interactive display offering access to access City services and directions and the possibility to make free phone calls anywhere in...

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Connected transport: a look at #SmartCities around the world (3/4)

Improving transport and the resulting carbon emission reductions is one of the key elements of a smart city. Mobile services for motorists and public transport users and driverless cars are just some examples of the innovative measures that have been deployed. Public transport gets connected Singapore recently launched a large-scale deployment of sensors as part of an ongoing attempt to cope with its exponential population growth (from 4.8 million inhabitants in 2008 to 12.5 million in 2012). In terms of urban improvements, transport is at the top of the list of Singapore’s priorities: back in 2008, the Land Transport Master...

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Public and private partnerships: a look at #SmartCities around the world (2/4)

From Paris to Rio de Janeiro, and Barcelona to India, tech companies and government organisations are partnering to develop smart city projects Better services for citizens When it comes to smart cities, Paris is often noted for its bike and electric car-share schemes and connected bus shelters. Another innovative measure was recently launched: since 9 December, Parisians can now hire electric utility vehicles, thanks to a partnership with JCDecaux.  But Paris’ smart city credentials go far beyond these transport initiatives: in the words of Mayor Anne Hidalgo, Paris “is an open-air laboratory” for developing smart city projects. And the...

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