#NRF2018: AI, robotics and VR: the latest key retail trends

After CES in Las Vegas, startups from all over the globe will now be flocking to New York for the Retail’s Big Show. The National Retail Federation is expecting some 35,000 visitors, including around 20,000 retailers looking for tomorrow’s trends and technologies. The NRF Retail’s Big Show, the global event for retailers which is taking place this week in New York, has a dedicated startups area where around twenty new companies are presenting the latest technological innovations in retail, particularly in the field of artificial intelligence, robotics and virtual and augmented reality. For the second year running, there will...

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3 technologies that are changing the face of retail

New technologies are changing consumers’ needs and habits. Retail in particular is undergoing a major digital transformation: on and off-line, countless innovations are reinventing the relationship between clients and brands, mainly thanks to three technologies: chatbots, which use artificial intelligence and data collection, robots and virtual reality. The product offering isn’t the key factor where customer satisfaction is concerned. Retailers are thus using technological innovation to focus on the consumer experience: purchasing can now be influenced by digital tools using artificial intelligence such as chatbots, robots and virtual reality. 1 - AI, bots and big data To appeal to...

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Google and Walmart team up for e-commerce

To rival Amazon, Google is joining forces with Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, to develop an e-commerce business. Google Express, the search engine’s shopping service, can now deliver products sold by the US retail giant. What’s more, customers will soon be able to order not only online but directly via Google Home, the hand-free smart speaker. Launched in 2013, Google Express has just added Walmart to its portfolio of retail partners. After Costco, Target and Walgreens, the arrival of Walmart should help Google expand its retail business. And to rival Amazon, Walmart Google Express purchases will soon be compatible...

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With digital robots and services, the hotel industry is offering innovative new guest experiences

With hotels entirely run by robots and offering new digital services such as a virtual concierge, the hospitality industry is embracing the digital age and implementing a range of new technologies, from the simple to the highly sophisticated – and the truly bizarre… If you want to see the cutting edge of digital transformation in hospitality, go to Japan and China. With guests’ digital maturity and acceptance of robotics light years ahead of the West, some innovative new concepts are being developed. Technology: giving a new lease of life to low-cost hotels. The Pengheng Space Capsules Hotel in Shenzhen is a prime...

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Artificial intelligence, in the form of humanoid robots, could be about to take the retail industry by storm. The trend is only just emerging but the innovation capabilities of robotics could mean that service robots will soon be more than just amusing gadgets in supermarkets. “Create a new customer experience:” this is what service robots aim to do for stores, according to a report by Roland Berger. Robotics has already been used in the logistics field for distribution, order-picking and inventory management, and is also being tested for last-mile delivery or analysing in-store traffic. Hospitality is the next stage....

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