Cloud computing

Can cloud services providers restore faith in the Cloud?

Where security and cloud computing are concerned, there’s still a major issue of trust – or lack thereof. When rolling out cloud projects, companies require greater assurances of security and data protection, meaning cloud providers will need to offer closer assistance and ensure complete transparency. Advice and local data centres: essential for reassuring organisations A recent survey conducted in France by Pierre Audoin Consultants (June 2014) revealed that flexibility was a major advantage for companies (63%), ahead of cost cutting (56%) and innovation. But the biggest obstacle to implementing a cloud project remains concerns about security and data sovereignty –...

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Click & Collect: a breakthrough in hybrid retail

40% of consumers who order on line make an additional purchase when collecting their order in store. Click-and-collect is making online purchases soar, without undermining brick-and-mortar sales, and has the added advantage of avoiding the logistical and technological issues associated with home deliveries, thanks to technologies such as cloud computing. Stats that show why click-and-collect is so important for retailers 79% of consumers have used click-and-collect in the past year Halfords scores 86% of sales through click-and-collect 40% of consumers used click-and-collect before Christmas 2012 76% of online shoppers to use click & collect by 2017 in the UK/li>...

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Econocom Group: 2013 Full-year results

Success of the mixed growth strategy and record operational performances . Mutation 2017 plan, investment in the digital sector and the acquisition of Osiatis After the publication of the 2013 full-year results, Jean-Louis Bouchard, chairman of Econocom, said: “2013 illustrates the success of our mixed growth strategy. We have begun to implement our ambitious Mutation 2017 plan and are stepping up investments in the digital sector, which is a new area we wish to conquer. We also successfully made a major acquisition, with Osiatis, and confirmed the considerable potential for creating value resulting from this alliance. This has allowed...

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How digital technology is turning traditional ideas of working space and time upside down

What is the impact of digital technologies and cloud computing on the concept of workspace and living space, and the line between private and professional? Here’s an overview of some current thoughts on the matter.  Google and Amazon hired these architects to invent the future of work By Marcus Wohlsen NBBJ describes its practices as “computational design,” an approach akin to fashioning a website or mobile app. As much as possible, it tries to anticipate and simulate how a building’s occupants — its users — will experience the spaces they inhabit. From those insights, NBBJ architects can design structures...

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Life in the Cloud

Already well-established in the professional arena, cloud computing will soon be omnipresent in our private life, thanks to the Internet of Things. The cloud-driven mobile revolution With email and mobile devices, enterprise applications have substantially changed the way we work: we are now mobile workers, with permanent access to information, provided an Internet connection is available. With cloud computing, our data, digital correspondence and calendars are archived and remain permanently accessible. By extending these basic uses, collaborative tools mean we can now work, in real time and away the office, with other remote workers, wherever they are in the...

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Econocom finances and accelerates companies’ digital transformation.
With more than 10,800 employees in 18 countries and revenue of €3 billion, Econocom has all the requisite abilities to ensure the successful implementation of large-scale digital projects: consulting, sourcing and technology management & financing of digital assets, infrastructure, application and business solution services, and project financing.
Econocom has adopted European company status (Societas Europaea). The Econocom Group share has been listed on Euronext Brussels since 1986. It is part of the BEL Mid and Family Business indices.

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