3 technologies that are changing the face of retail

New technologies are changing consumers’ needs and habits. Retail in particular is undergoing a major digital transformation: on and off-line, countless innovations are reinventing the relationship between clients and brands, mainly thanks to three technologies: chatbots, which use artificial intelligence and data collection, robots and virtual reality. The product offering isn’t the key factor where customer satisfaction is concerned. Retailers are thus using technological innovation to focus on the consumer experience: purchasing can now be influenced by digital tools using artificial intelligence such as chatbots, robots and virtual reality. 1 - AI, bots and big data To appeal to...

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Design Sprint: how to innovate in 5 days

One of the design thinking tools, design sprint is an innovative methodology for validating a prototype in just five days. This concept means you can launch a “Minimum Viable Product,” at minimal risk and cost, using design thinking and user-centred design. Devised by Google Ventures, Design Sprint is used to design, tester and validate a prototype in five days. The idea is to create faster, more precise product design cycles by aligning teams under a shared vision and limiting risks and costs.     The ultimate goal is to develop the best possible prototype within the time allotted and leverage the...

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Viva Technology: 60,000 visitors and a host of technological surprises

Amateur and professional geeks, novices and experts got together at the Porte de Versailles exhibition centre for three days last week to meet, share, learn and discover the latest technologies and innovations in the digital world. The second edition of this major tech event was a great success. Despite the punishing heat, hall 1 of the exhibition centre was jam-packed during the 3 days of the Viva Technology 2017 tech fair. This second edition featured 500 speakers and 6,000 startups from 50 countries, and a total of 450 one-to-one meetings between startups and investors took place at the various...

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How to reduce the digital carbon footprint?

Even though digital tools (professional or personal) are essential to everyday life, they are nonetheless harmful for the environment. Despite being seen as ‘virtual’ by many, the digital sector does increase the planet’s carbon balance by contributing to 2% of greenhouse gas emissions, a figure that is expected to double within 3 years. So how can the digital carbon footprint be controlled?   The annual environmental footprint of a user of a company’s IT system amounts to the energy usage of 19 low-consumption lightbulbs, lit 24/7 for 220 days, the air pollution of a 3100 km car ride, and...

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Is a “digital tsunami” about to hit education?

Capital venture funds in the US have been pouring money into ed-techs, (new technologies for education), leading French journalist Emmanuel Davidenkoff to speak of a “digital tsunami” in a new book on the subject   The digital tsunami: is the education sector ready? To research for his book Le tsunami numérique, (“the digital tsunami”), Emmanuel Davidenkoff, Editor in Chief of French magazine l’Etudiant, went to the United States to see how ed-tech is poised to revolutionise education. In the book’s foreword, education specialist Davidenkoff draws a parallel between the worlds of publishing and press, which are already undergoing the digital transformation, and...

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