Drive-to-Store: brick-and-mortar stores are still thriving

The collection of location data, combined with widespread adoption of smartphones has given rise to a new type of marketing – drive-to-store. The idea is to lure targeted customers into stores, whatever their location and means of transport. And this is a major digital strategy, considering that more than 90% of purchases are still made in brick-and-mortar stores, according to a survey by the US Census Bureau. Despite the rise of e-commerce, which currently accounts for 9.1% of all purchases, customers still prefer brick-and-mortar stores. This explains why digital commerce giants are setting up chains of shops to reinforce...

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#NRF2018: 3 questions for Jean-Guillaume Roger, Retail Market Manager for Econocom

The major retail event in New York is over. So what are the latest technological discoveries and innovations in retail? We found out from Jean-Guillaume Roger, Retail Market Manager for Econocom. What were the key customer experience trends at NRF this year? Customer data was a key theme at NRF 2018. For years the e-commerce experience has led to frustration for in-store customers (check-out, queues, product availability, etc.). The pure play strategy is increasingly being replaced by a seamless, omnichannel experience between e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores. This channel convergence has created a new way of consuming. Brands are looking...

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#NRF2018: AI, robotics and VR: the latest key retail trends

After CES in Las Vegas, startups from all over the globe will now be flocking to New York for the Retail’s Big Show. The National Retail Federation is expecting some 35,000 visitors, including around 20,000 retailers looking for tomorrow’s trends and technologies. The NRF Retail’s Big Show, the global event for retailers which is taking place this week in New York, has a dedicated startups area where around twenty new companies are presenting the latest technological innovations in retail, particularly in the field of artificial intelligence, robotics and virtual and augmented reality. For the second year running, there will...

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#Retail and #logistics: a revolution in the supply chain

Behind every 24-hour delivery, there’s a whole supply chain at work: NFC tracking, RFID tagging, transportation management system (TMS) software, updating processes and IT systems:  companies are making substantial investments and efforts to stay competitive. Delivering to consumers is one of the keys to connected commerce: a differentiating factor where choosing a retailer is concerned and the top reason for shopping cart abandonment. And online shoppers are becoming increasingly demanding: a study by MetaPack via Voxlog revealed that 83% of consumers would like shipping information to feature on the product pages, while 80% expect an exact delivery time and...

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Data protection, e-payment: #retail needs to win over consumers’ trust

The NRF (National Retail Federation) Retail’s Big Show is a major showcase for new initiatives, offerings and digital innovations in the retail industry. The main focus of this year’s edition, which took place recently, was security issues associated with data and online and contactless payment systems. The leading digital trends for retail were showcased at the latest Retail’s Big Show: omnichannel for pure-play and brick-and-mortar retailers, using data to personalise offerings, simplified analytics solutions, m-payment, and unified IT platforms to ensure a seamless customer experience. Will the solutions on show at NRF 2016 reverse the trend revealed by the...

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