HoloLens brings mixed reality into industry

Smart glasses, enhanced visual capabilities, assistance and guidance for operations, informed decisions and data exchange, all in real time: mixed reality, a combination of reality, augmented reality and virtual reality, has obvious advantages for industry, and can turn operators into “augmented workers.’’ So how does mixed reality work? A cross-between an augmented reality headset and a self-contained, holographic computer, Microsoft’s HoloLens headset enables users to engage with their digital content and interact with holograms in the world around them. Launched in 2015, HoloLens is an integral part of the Windows Mixed Reality platform introduced as part of Windows 10....

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The best cloud storage apps

Ever since the advent of the cloud, it’s become an essential working tool: whether sending emails or managing documents, the cloud makes mobile working and document backups easier and saves time. Here’s our selection of essential apps for working in the cloud in optimal conditions. Google Drive Google’s ultra-versatile cloud solution has been available since 2012. Google Drive allows you to store files and work directly with Google’s office suite (Google Doc, Google Sheets, Google Slide, Google Forms, compatible with Office) across all your digital devices. Everything is accessible via your Google account, which also means you can manage...

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Apple, Samsung, Microsoft: the hottest #smartphones and #tablets in 2016

  What will be your mobile device of choice next year? Once again emedia is here to help you make this ever-difficult choice. On the tablet and hybrid market, it’s a contest between the iPad Pro and Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4. The iPhone, Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Plus, meanwhile, are still the must-have smartphones. Alternatively, if you want to move away from the market leaders, BlackBerry’s new flagship, the Priv, has been getting decent reviews… Tablet or hybrid: the iPad Pro and the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 battle it out Choosing between these two models (pictured above) is something...

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Company tools and culture: the latest trends that are attracting young talents

Generation Y no longer use email to communicate, just to send documents or CVs. Today’s young workers communicate via the company’s instant messaging system or social network – just as they do in their private life. This is a major asset for recruiting new talents – but not all organisations are ready. To attract and retain talents to the corporate world today, a good salary is no longer enough. Californian startups have understood this and are vying for the best talents on the market by offering a range of perks such as a company gym, table football, free organic...

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#SaaS: a powerful driver for the #digitaltransformation

Switching from on-premise mode to Software-as-a-Service is now a major priority for organisations; it’s also a godsend for SMBS. 11 to 16: that’s the number of off-the-shelf apps most businesses use, irrespective of their size, according to a report by Okta from a dataset of 4,000 applications. As for the most popular ones, Microsoft Office 365 was a clear winner, followed by CRM solution Salesforce. The top ten also featured content storage solution Box, Google Apps and Dropbox. Does this spell the end of on-premise apps? SaaS business apps for office automation, marketing, e-commerce, analytics, customer care, logistics, HR,...

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Econocom finances and accelerates companies’ digital transformation.
With more than 10,800 employees in 18 countries and revenue of €3 billion, Econocom has all the requisite abilities to ensure the successful implementation of large-scale digital projects: consulting, sourcing and technology management & financing of digital assets, infrastructure, application and business solution services, and project financing.
Econocom has adopted European company status (Societas Europaea). The Econocom Group share has been listed on Euronext Brussels since 1986. It is part of the BEL Mid and Family Business indices.

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