Erasing your device, blocking your SIM card: how to be prepared when your phone gets stolen

IMEI code, PIN, PUK, remotely deleting your data from a friend’s phone or a PC… Here’s our stress-free guide to handling a lost smartphone or tablet. If your mobile device was issued by your company If you are also allowed to use it for personal calls, including during your holidays, contact the relevant department within your organisation and find out about: Roaming charges (so you don’t run up astronomical phone bills for your company while you’re away). Roaming charges won’t be completely abolished until June 2017, although they’ll be limited from mid-2016. Security procedures in the event of loss...

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Education: how can digital help #SpLDs?

From using special fonts to the use of images, audio and video resources and note-taking apps, digital technologies offer a wealth of possibilities to help people with Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLDs). The (right) font of all knowledge Researchers in Italy have recently been looking into the use of wider letter spacing to facilitate reading for children with SpLDs. Such research has been carried out using printed reading material, but Marco Zorzi of the Department of General Psychology at the University of Padua, who led the study, has also found that using other means such as apps, digital books using...

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ICT and education: how far have we come since 2011?

Teachers are brushing up on their ICT skills in their free time, and while young people think digital technology is useful, they don’t think it will have a major impact on their future career. An overview of the results of a European survey… ICT in schools: how teachers are acquiring skills, and what students think  Although tablets have only been part of the digital landscape since 2010, they soon found their way into the education environment and have been used in a number of classroom experiments since 2011. European Schoolnet, a network of twenty European Ministries of Education, has...

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After Office for iPad, what’s new with mobile device?

It’s all happening in the world of mobile phones! After the launch of Office for iPad, Microsoft has unveiled plans to develop a universal mobile platform. Meanwhile, Google is bringing out a modular smartphone, the EU announces that the end of mobile phone roaming charges is nigh, the universal mobile charger is coming soon and Twitter’s getting a makeover. Microsoft launches personal Office subscription, including iPad editing, for $7 per month By Kif Leswing According to a tweet from Microsoft, 12 million people downloaded the Office iPad app in the first week since it launched on March 27. But it’s unclear...

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Touch tablets in the classroom: what are the advantages?

Greater engagement, more collaboration, acquiring IT skills… Experiments by teachers highlight the advantages of tablets for students. The teaching benefits of using tablets Studies on the use of tablets in an education environment, such as one conducted at secondary schools in Quebec and French-speaking Belgium, show they can yield a number of benefits for students in terms of improving: Motivation Publishing, sharing and searching for information Collaboration Developing IT skills Creating a more individual approach to learning Flexibility in terms of space and time Creativity. Teachers, on the other hand, can also benefit from the technology: Classroom management and organisation Changing...

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