MWC 2017: retro smartphones & versatile tablets

The Mobile World Congress, an exhibition dedicated to smartphones, tablets and IoT closed in Barcelona after 4 days of announcements galore. Manufacturers unveiled their next flagships in the smartphones sector, and today we take a look at the viral Nokia 3310 and announcements in the tablet sector Among the numerous announcements of the 2017 MWC exhibition in Barcelona, were a return of vintage trends and new tablets which also drew attention. The new 2017 Nokia 3310 As the real star of the exhibition, for four days the infamous Nokia 3310 drew the attention of all the journalists on its...

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Erasing your device, blocking your SIM card: how to be prepared when your phone gets stolen

IMEI code, PIN, PUK, remotely deleting your data from a friend’s phone or a PC… Here’s our stress-free guide to handling a lost smartphone or tablet. If your mobile device was issued by your company If you are also allowed to use it for personal calls, including during your holidays, contact the relevant department within your organisation and find out about: Roaming charges (so you don’t run up astronomical phone bills for your company while you’re away). Roaming charges won’t be completely abolished until June 2017, although they’ll be limited from mid-2016. Security procedures in the event of loss...

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