How the Internet of Things is revolutionising industry

Traditional industry is dead! Long live industry 4.0, which is 100% connected, thanks to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Over the next three years, manufacturing companies worldwide will spend over €900 billion on deploying IIoT projects. Why so much investment? And what exactly is IIoT? How will it affect the industrial ecosystem? What are the benefits? With the 8th edition of Industry in full swing in France, we found out more about IIoT. IoT could be compared to an iceberg: there’s the tip – consumer IoT, smart watches, Quantified Self wristbands, home automation systems, etc. But we’ve only...

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IoT: an urgent need to improve #security

Connected devices and systems – “a merging of the real and digital worlds” – should result in new measures to ensure secure uses and networks, and the democratisation of these promising technologies. The urgent challenge now involves increasing awareness among users, designers, resellers, services providers and IT managers. The growth in connected devices is raising new threats to the security of data and devices. And yet the potential of IoT is huge: in everyday life (cars, home automation, NFC smartphones) and other areas (finance, industry, retail, healthcare, etc.), IoT heralds “a new phase in the evolution of cyberspace… the...

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How the tech giants are investing in #IoT

SIdO, a major expo for the IoT industry, opened today in Lyon. Microsoft will be presenting its Azure IoT suite, which Econocom-Osiatis will be illustrating with testimonials and demonstrations. Here’s an overview of what the industry leaders have in store… At the CES in Las Vegas at the beginning of the year, some of the leading names in the digital industry including Intel, Samsung and Firefox, as well as some traditional companies such as the French post office unveiled their plans to integrate the IoT ecosystem (see on emedia: Tech giants all getting in on IoT). Most of the...

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The value of IoT resides in data

Companies from all industry sectors are increasingly investing in IoT, resulting in a better approach to business thanks to analytics, and improved competitiveness – and new opportunities and challenges for both Chief Data Officers and the business lines. According to a report on IoT by Verizon and ABI Research, there were 1.2 billion different devices connected to the Internet in 2014, and that the number is set to rise to 5.4 billion by 2020 for an annual growth rate of 28%. In terms of industries, manufacturing sector saw the fastest growth in adopting IoT devices last year, up more...

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Connected business: already a reality for big industry

Airbus, Ford and Legrand are perfecting their digital transformation by implementing the latest technologies, ranging from virtual reality headsets, exoskeletons and open source platforms to automated moving of parts in factories. Among the more cutting-edge industrial companies, Airbus and Airbus-Helicopters are regularly frequently mentioned for incorporating digital technology into the design, production and maintenance processes. The group has drawn up a list of the digital initiatives it plans to roll out by 2020, which cover the full spectrum of new technologies*. One of these is assembly line automation to detect anomalies, which has already been implemented. Among the other...

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