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Why the Academy and why now?

If it were possible to be a fly on the wall in a room full of top leaders from COVID-19’s most affected industries, what could we learn from their conversation?

At Econocom, we believe hearing from C-suite executives navigating the pandemic in the retail, hospitality, leisure, airlines & sport sectors could be valuable for all of us.

Thus, we are launching The Econocom Academy to give them the floor and to support not just “best" practices but “new" practices that can help companies move from surviving… to thriving.

What is the Academy?

The Academy is a series of events, by invitation only, for finance, IT and procurement leaders from multinational companies in the most affected sectors below to present their backgrounds, challenges and how they lead the way through recovery and beyond.

Throughout 2021, The Econocom Academy will gather some of the most senior business leaders from a wide range of industries for virtual and F2F roundtable discussions.

Fascinating insights on how to cope with the current situation, how to build resilience and how to overcome such challenging times will be shared.

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