Teleworking has only recently been included in the French Employment Code, and is now used on pilot programmes outside France – it is used by 1 employee in 5 worldwide.

Teleworking to modernise the organisation of working hours

Preparation for teleworking and organising professional and personal life outside the office were examined in a TF1 television report on teleworking in France, with 2 specific case studies – Econocom France, and tyre manufacturer Michelin.

See the TF1 report

Teleworking was one of the schemes deployed at Econocom in 2012 as part of the corporate SHARE programme to modernise and streamline the quality of working life among the Group’s employees. More about Econocom’s SHARE programme.

13% of employees in the European Union are teleworkers

Teleworking formats in France were finalised in the spring of 2012 in the French Employment Code through the ”Warssman” Law. In France, 7% of employees organise their working hours around this scheme, whereas the average is 13% for the EU as a whole.

The teleworking avenue was also explored in 2012 in the UK to prevent transport problems during London’s Olympic Games. Months before the event, the British Secretary of State for Transport persuaded public entities to allow their employees to work from home.

Worldwide, an Ipsos/Reuter survey shows that these percentages vary from 10 to 50% between countries, with a global average of one employee out of every five opting for a flexible working environment.

A telework week

For the 3rd year running in the United States, between 4 and 8 March 2013, with extensions to the programme in other countries, a “Telework Week” was organised by the US network Mobile Work Exchange, bringing together some 300 entities wishing to encourage new work organisation schemes.

110,000 volunteers took part in the 2013 event, including 90% of public sector employees, with an average gain of 3.5 hours in terms of travel time during the week.

60% of the one-off teleworkers used a VPN connection to keep in touch with their companies, 8% opted for videoconferencing, while 4% merely used their tablet PCs to carry out their professional tasks through the GCN portal.

Telework Tour de France

Organised by the French network Zevillage, this event will wind up in Paris on 21 March, with many conferences and a large amount of feedback. See the programme.

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