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Using the web to save the planet – one shoe at a time

Collective action, knowledge sharing and the collaborative economy are currently being boosted by digital, and could also potentially be crucial for energy transition – provided that they come hand-in-hand with responsible IT solutions and production modes. Thousands of pairs of shoes, including those of Pope Francis and Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the UN, covered Paris’ Place de la République on Sunday 29 November 2015 before the opening of the COP21, an event that was preceded by a major social media buzz. 4 tonnes of shoes were gathered in a week by international NGO Avaaz, according to Emma Ruby Sachs,...

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#Healthcare: the pharmaceutical industry gets social and connected

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube: pharmaceutical companies are now using social networks to spread information, help prevention and get consumer feedback. A year ago, one of the “Matinales de la Prospective - Digital Business” seminars in France looked at the latest digital progress in the pharmaceutical industry. Philippe Leninger from Kurt Salmon, one of the event’s partners, along with Econocom, said in the introduction of his keynote that pharmaceutical companies “are reaching a turning point and the interest in digital technologies is booming.” But the digital transformation of these organisations had not yet extended to communicating with end-clients on the social...

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#socialmedia and #Healthcare: hashtagging for better patient care

Where healthcare is concerned, Twitter and Facebook can be used as knowledge-sharing platforms, where the barrier between patient and doctor is broken down. They can also be used as observatories for researchers – provided they are backed up by the right technologies and a proper regulatory framework. Originally published on 14 May 2014, updated 13 May 2015 Since 2011, the Necker children’s hospital in Paris has been on Twitter and Facebook (almost 10,000 followers and likers). . The aim was to create more informal, interactive relationship between patients and doctors; so far, the hospital has over 3,000 followers and...

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How useful are social media for B2C?

The simple answer is – very! And the data on the impact of social networks on both in-store and online sales proves it. So how do retailers use the networks, what are the characteristics of the ‘social commerce’, and what are the most influential social networks? Connecting Social Media and the Store By Alicia Fiorletta Recent industry research confirms that social media can influence sales both online and in the store: 40% of all social media users have purchased items online or in-store after sharing or “favoriting” them on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, according to research from Vision Critical....

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Thanks to digital technology, you can get real-time responses from your bank

From multimedia ATMs to “mobile chat’’, digital technologies are helping banks improve customer relations.  Video chat and giant touch screens: ATMs go high tech Need help with a bank transaction via ATM? Since last April, Bank of America customers have Teller Assist, a video service whereby they can talk to a teller outside normal banking hours (7am-10pm during the week and 8am-5pm at the weekend). Chase Bank is another striking example of how banks are benefiting from new technologies: a year ago, it rolled out self-service areas at its branches, featuring high-tech touch-screen interfaces, much like a giant iPad....

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