Public data

The pioneers of Open Data

Launched in the United States in 2005, Open Data has become a democratic and political issue for every country. The American pioneer Created in 2005 on the initiative of a journalist, the platform collected information from municipal databases on crimes committed in the city. Since renamed EverBlock, the information portal now includes 16 other cities and provides information concerning different neighbourhoods, events shared by residents as well as data from local bodies, varying from building permits granted, the location of public bicycle racks, road closures for roadwork, etc. From private initiative to a national policy in favour of Open...

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Understanding Open Data

Launched by governments and local authorities, the idea behind opening access to primary public data is to help give structure to information and develop applications of service to the public. What is public data? Public data is data collected by public bodies (governments, local authorities) that is not of a sensitive nature, respects privacy (anonymous, with no mention of criminal records or medical history, etc.) and poses no threat to national security. What are the characteristics of open data? On the basis of the principles defined in 2007 by an American task group Open Government Data, open data must be: complete,...

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