#IoT and the battle for #Cloud domination

Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Intel, Qualcomm: will some technology platforms be able to support billions of consumer or industrial connected devices and deliver the added value manufacturers expect of IoT? This is the key challenge at the moment, and Cloud solutions could be the answer. The Internet of Things is boosting the demand for Cloud. Without its capabilities, it’s impossible to take advantage of the full potential of connected systems and the mass of information they generate, whether for the consumer market or more technical sectors such as transport, industry, healthcare, smart cities, etc. The cloud infrastructures players are...

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The advantages of mobile cloud apps

More and more companies are opting for cloud-based business apps, which are easier to manage, integrate and distribute and present lower security risks than native apps. In addition to the advantages in terms of agility, it could also a way of combatting Shadow IT. Originally published on 10 July 2014, updated 5 February 2015 The astronomical growth of consumer app stores (see figures below), along with the need for increased mobility, productivity and responsiveness in the business world, BYOD and the inflexibility of traditional IT service delivery processes have created an ideal breeding ground for shadow IT, i.e. the...

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Can cloud services providers restore faith in the Cloud?

Where security and cloud computing are concerned, there’s still a major issue of trust – or lack thereof. When rolling out cloud projects, companies require greater assurances of security and data protection, meaning cloud providers will need to offer closer assistance and ensure complete transparency. Advice and local data centres: essential for reassuring organisations A recent survey conducted in France by Pierre Audoin Consultants (June 2014) revealed that flexibility was a major advantage for companies (63%), ahead of cost cutting (56%) and innovation. But the biggest obstacle to implementing a cloud project remains concerns about security and data sovereignty –...

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Cloud and IoT

The predicted astronomical rise in connected objects will require a whole new range of cloud-based solutions and innovations, which has prompted the major players such as Microsoft, Apple, Samsung and Google to launch targeted solutions for every industry sector. Here are a few examples. The cloud is the secret weapon in the Internet of things By David Linthicum These days, everything comes with some kind of network connection option. This includes our thermostats, TVs, refrigerators, and even coffee makers. The real progress is being made in the area of industrial equipment, such as those sold by GE and other...

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Why more and more businesses are choosing PaaS

After SaaS (Software as a Service), which currently accounts for the majority of cloud computing uses, PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service), online application platforms, is now on the rise. This type of architecture facilitates the development of companies’ business applications at minimal cost. PaaS and DYOA: new cloud opportunities There is a rising demand in departments such as marketing and sales for cloud-based business applications which can be accessed remotely. Platform-as-a-Service is thus becoming an increasingly popular choice for businesses looking for a more agile solution for developing, testing and deploying bespoke applications. With PaaS, users can roll out their own applications in...

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