How big data can boost students’ employability: a solution in the USA

Exploiting data and learning analytics, collaborative and mobility are some of the main IT trends used for post-graduate studies in the US. A French delegation who attended the last Educause congress reported back on the various digital strategies deployed and presented some of the solutions implemented by some of the top American universities... Educause is a community of digital technology and IT experts, committed to bringing higher education in the States into the twenty-first century. This non-profit organisation implements a number of initiatives including its annual conference, which this year will take place at the end of October and...

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How can #universities address the digital transformation?

Internal organisation, research, training, new places of learning: at an annual colloquium in May, the deans of various French universities looked at how to adapt higher education establishments to the digital era. Specifically, of the 10 proposals made during the event, the delegates identified the following as key for the future of their students: Lessons in eCitizenship from pre-school through to post-graduate level, to ensure students have a real digital culture Encourage teachers to invest in new teaching methods with services, vocational training Develop new learning venues that are conducive to collaboration and innovation Develop via digital a training...

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#seriousgames for education: #ReseauCanope is taking it very seriously!

For vocational training and more recently for schools, serious games are proving to be a vital new addition to the portfolio of digital resources – even more so since scientific experiments and studies have pointed out its advantages. The value of gamification for vocational training, both initial and ongoing, skills assessment and recruitment and raising patient awareness in the healthcare sector has been tried and tested. The serious games market is set to grow at a CAGR of more than 16%  over the next five years, according to a report by Markets&Markets*  – and education is one of the...

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Is a “digital tsunami” about to hit education?

Capital venture funds in the US have been pouring money into ed-techs, (new technologies for education), leading French journalist Emmanuel Davidenkoff to speak of a “digital tsunami” in a new book on the subject   The digital tsunami: is the education sector ready? To research for his book Le tsunami numérique, (“the digital tsunami”), Emmanuel Davidenkoff, Editor in Chief of French magazine l’Etudiant, went to the United States to see how ed-tech is poised to revolutionise education. In the book’s foreword, education specialist Davidenkoff draws a parallel between the worlds of publishing and press, which are already undergoing the digital transformation, and...

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Imparting knowledge in the digital age

“Teaching and skills development in the digital age: the challenges, best practices and new business models,” was the theme of the 5th “Matinales de la Prospective – Digital Business”. This series of conferences was organised by Les Echos, France’s leading financial newspaper, in partnership with Econocom and Kurt Salmon. Here are some of the keynote speakers’ insights on how to manage the digital revolution of education. What resources does digital education require? Digital technology is leading education establishments and training organisations to explore new ways of learning. The success of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), for example, is proof...

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