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The #flipped classroom: more than just videos instead of lessons

More and more schools and colleges are experimenting with the flipped classroom, which offers a whole new approach to teaching. Students are encouraged to take a more active role in their learning, become more accountable and develop new skills, whilst teachers have new opportunities to innovate by varying and personalising their teaching. Originally published on 12 June 2013, updated on 21 April 2015 From junior secondary school through to university, the flipped classroom has become increasingly popular in the past few years. As a professor from the Université Catholique de Louvain explains: "Flipped classrooms combine skill building, active learning...

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The impact of collaboration on IT and HR

Tools, methods, organisation… The digital, collaborative enterprise poses a number of challenges for both IT and HR departments. Collaborative cross-platform use: a new challenge for IT? The development of BYOD, cloud-based file sharing and the proliferation of new mobile devices and applications are driving the shift towards more collaborative working, say Gartner in  a report entitled “Mobile Collaboration Will Drive Innovation in Your Workplace’’. Gartner predict that by 2016 the average personal cloud will synchronise and orchestrate at least six different device types (including tablet, smartphone, laptop and desktop). This trend, whilst increasing both productivity for mobile workers and...

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Thanks to digital technology, you can get real-time responses from your bank

From multimedia ATMs to “mobile chat’’, digital technologies are helping banks improve customer relations.  Video chat and giant touch screens: ATMs go high tech Need help with a bank transaction via ATM? Since last April, Bank of America customers have Teller Assist, a video service whereby they can talk to a teller outside normal banking hours (7am-10pm during the week and 8am-5pm at the weekend). Chase Bank is another striking example of how banks are benefiting from new technologies: a year ago, it rolled out self-service areas at its branches, featuring high-tech touch-screen interfaces, much like a giant iPad....

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Workspaces in the digital era

Innovative, collaborative and social, the digital enterprise is redefining the line between virtual and real. Workspaces: the end of partitions? With paperless communications, virtual meetings via video conferencing, cloud-based file storage and software usage, online communities and virtual workstations for mobile workers, digital technologies have brought a whole new dimension to the concept of space and working tools, creating a sort of hybrid between the tangible and the virtual. By creating more cross-disciplinary interaction between employees, these new technologies have also created the need for innovation in the way physical spaces are organised.  Companies’ premises must now be totally...

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Our pick of the handiest holiday mobile apps

Before we say goodbye until Monday 26 August, when we’ll tell you all about the upcoming autumn digital trends, e-media recommends a few mobile apps you might find useful on holiday. Tourist guides for towns or regions World Monument Tracker  (free) gives information about the world’s monuments (created in conjunction with the tourist offices). The app has already won a number of awards, including the 2013 Prix du Tourisme in France and the European 2012 “Creative and Innovative Heritage Enhancement’’. A paid version is also available for various cities (“Brad in London,” “Brad in Berlin”, etc.), offering a range...

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