#Telemedicine: remote patient monitoring for improved homecare

More responsive, personalised and reassuring, remote patient monitoring for the elderly or patients suffering from chronic diseases is being tested by an increasing number of healthcare professionals. In France, private organisations such as BeeTree, H2AD or the ICARE project at Limoges Hospital are at the forefront of this trend, and a number of major groups are also starting to offer turnkey solutions. BeeTree Medical is a new French remote patient monitoring platform. Aimed at patients over 60, this paid solution includes a set of connected medical devices such as a sphygmomanometer, a wristband to measure sleep patterns and Wi-Fi-enabled...

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Why doctors are adopting #mHealth

Connected health is progressing and IoT is becoming increasingly popular with doctors in France, to the point where the French Medical Association (Conseil National de l’Ordre des Médecins, CNOM) is considering whether healthcare apps and devices should be covered by health insurance. Doctors and patients: diverging opinions on the usefulness of IoT 4,000 health and wellbeing apps have been identified in France, 40% of which are for healthcare professionals, according to medical journal Le Quotidien du Médecin. Both consumer Quantified Self apps and professional patient monitoring devices are gaining popularity among healthcare professionals, according to a healthcare survey conducted by Odoxa...

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Is the #Quantified Self useful for #healthcare?

Wearables and self-health monitoring apps are a booming market and have started a mini social-cultural revolution. But what do the healthcare professionals think? Article originally published on 4 December 2014 and updated on 16 January 2015 The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this month was once again a showcase for the merits of connected health. Some 300 companies in this sector attended the event – 35% more than in 2014*.  In addition to the inevitable smart watches and pedometers, products such as myBrain’s anti-stress helmet, the Slow Control smart baby bottle, the  InBody band bracelet that measures your...

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How to digitalise healthcare in France? Recommendations from @la_Fing and @CatelReseau

IoT, mHealth, data, open innovation, training and collaboration are the key recommendations of the Lemoine and Catel reports for stepping up the digital transformation of the healthcare sector in France. Overview of the Lemoine report on digital health With a rather ambitious title* and some 328 pages, the government report by Philippe Lemoine, Chairman of the Fondation Internet Nouvelle Génération (FING) includes recommendations for  “a fast, complete and sustainable digital transformation of our economy.” Healthcare is one of the key topics in the report because “digital is an opportunity to streamline and reduce spending and improve prevention and quality...

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