#IoT Do it Yourself: automate your life with #Netvibes or #ifttt

Following on from IFTTT, Netvibes is launching its own web platform for programming interactions between objects. We took a look at Netvibes’ new Dashboard of Things and compared it with the IFTTT application. With IFTTT it’s called a “recipe”; Netvibes prefer the term “Potion” to describe the automatic interactions of things in its new Dashboard of Things. Automating tasks through a web interface is not only the latest tech trend but is now accessible to everyone thanks to the IFTTT and Netvibes platforms. Netvibes: from a personalised home page to a magic “Potion” Netvibes is hardly a newbie. Founded...

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Everything you need to know about #ifttt, the new star of IoT

Could IFTTT, short for “If This Then That,” become the leading system for automating tasks with communicating devices? The application reached a new milestone in CES 2015, where it was presented by a number of exhibitors as a major asset for home automation systems, such as Samsung’s SmartThings hub. So what is it exactly? IFTTT was developed four years ago by a Californian startup founded by a young engineer called Linden Tibbets. What it does is automate interactions (initially sharing publications and images) between various services or “channels” (such as Google Reader, Tumblr, Flickr, Facebook and Gmail), based on...

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