How can #universities address the digital transformation?

Internal organisation, research, training, new places of learning: at an annual colloquium in May, the deans of various French universities looked at how to adapt higher education establishments to the digital era. Specifically, of the 10 proposals made during the event, the delegates identified the following as key for the future of their students: Lessons in eCitizenship from pre-school through to post-graduate level, to ensure students have a real digital culture Encourage teachers to invest in new teaching methods with services, vocational training Develop new learning venues that are conducive to collaboration and innovation Develop via digital a training...

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#seriousgames for education: #ReseauCanope is taking it very seriously!

For vocational training and more recently for schools, serious games are proving to be a vital new addition to the portfolio of digital resources – even more so since scientific experiments and studies have pointed out its advantages. The value of gamification for vocational training, both initial and ongoing, skills assessment and recruitment and raising patient awareness in the healthcare sector has been tried and tested. The serious games market is set to grow at a CAGR of more than 16%  over the next five years, according to a report by Markets&Markets*  – and education is one of the...

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The #flipped classroom: more than just videos instead of lessons

More and more schools and colleges are experimenting with the flipped classroom, which offers a whole new approach to teaching. Students are encouraged to take a more active role in their learning, become more accountable and develop new skills, whilst teachers have new opportunities to innovate by varying and personalising their teaching. Originally published on 12 June 2013, updated on 21 April 2015 From junior secondary school through to university, the flipped classroom has become increasingly popular in the past few years. As a professor from the Université Catholique de Louvain explains: "Flipped classrooms combine skill building, active learning...

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Videoconferencing rises to the forefront

Videoconferencing is set to overtake email and telephones voice/conference calls as the preferred method of communication for businesses by 2016, according to research by Redshift Research. With technology solutions becoming increasingly simple, the potential of videoconferencing is also revolutionising healthcare, education, justice, tourism and recruitment. Health: Google launches telemedicine beta for video chats with docs  By Lucas Mearian Google is running a temporary trial of a new feature that allows people looking for medical advice to also connect with a physician for an online consult. [...]The new Helpouts feature offers a link to a video service that a physician...

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Are MOOCs living up to expectations?

After the initial surge of enthusiasm, the reputation of Massive Open Online Courses has been somewhat tarnished lately by reported high drop-out rates and production costs. According to education professionals who’ve experimented with the concept, this data doesn’t accurately reflect the situation, although the right economic model and new uses have yet to be mastered.   Making a great online course, and why high drop-out rates aren’t a bad thing By Elliott Masie One of the most frequent – and quite frankly bogus – criticisms we hear about MOOCs is that course completion rates are extremely low, suggesting that students lose...

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