5 health and fitness apps to get in shape for this summer

The e-health boom has seen a proliferation of health and fitness apps that can monitor your sporting performance, sleep patterns and diet. The apps are becoming increasingly user-friendly and effective, making it even easier to keep up your fitness regime. Here’s our selection of free, easy-to-use apps to stay on Olympic form all year-round. It isn’t always easy to exercise when you’re alone and a novice. Doing a false move and pulling a muscle, or simply lacking motivation, it’s easy to give up. So why not try some of these apps on your smartphone or tablet, and let your...

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Can we put out health into the hands of robots? Almost…

Robots in operating theatres or in the air, and drones used for making emergency deliveries are part of the growing trend of technology-assisted medicine. But, assure the experts, they won’t replace doctors. Robots are becoming the new secret weapon for minimally-invasive surgery. Robot-assisted surgery has been a long time developing, and official approval from the authorities is only just starting to come. But there have already been some impressive and convincing examples, such as ROSA, the range of surgical robots developed by French company Medtech. Founded in 2002 by Bertin Nahum, a robotics and electrical engineer, the company has supplied...

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How the Internet of things can help improve health and well-being

From monitoring health to the “Quantified Self”, mobile apps now offer a host of “self-tracking” possibilities. Mobile medical apps The healthcare sector has benefited hugely from the advent of mobile technologies: every month, innovative new services for healthcare organisations and patients are emerging, offering valuable opportunities, particularly for developing countries. One notable example is the use of smartphones as mobile microscopes to detect malaria or monitor the spreading of epidemics by examining a drop of blood. Apart from the obvious benefits in terms of controlling diseases, such applications also help improve the doctor-patient relationship. There are countless other examples,...

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500 interactive bedside terminals deployed for Mont-Godinne University Hospital in Belgium

Better patient care  and direct access to  the patients’ records for the medical staff: these are the key benefits of rolling out bedside terminals, according to Professor Patrick de Coster, Chief Physician at Mont-Godinne, and Luc de Beusscher, the hospital’s CIO.  « Beside terminals give patient care a more human dimension » “Bedside terminals”, says Luc de Beusscher, CIO at Mont-Godinne Hospital, “are an essential part of patient care and give it a more human dimension.” As Professor Patrick de Coster, Chief Physician at Mont-Godinne, explains, the terminals address all the hospital’s needs: “A terminal that was both user-friendly and easily accessible...

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Telemedicine in Europe and the US

In terms of ground-breaking experiences and nationwide implementation, e-health varies considerably from country to country. The first experiments in the US Despite being considerably driven by the advent of ICT, telemedicine was not a 21st-century invention: the very first remote consultation via a 2-voice interactive television was carried out in the USA in the late 1950s in psychiatry. Around the same time in Canada, a remote radiology diagnosis was carried out by sending the X-rays via coax cable. Other significant examples include the role of space programmes in remote healthcare monitoring and, in particular, NASA’s innovations in monitoring the...

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