What’s a Data Lake?

In the field of big data storage and processing, a data lake is a new type of platform for storing companies’ data. So how are they different from data warehouses, and what’s the point of them? Processed data storage vs. raw data storage: that’s one of the major difference between data warehouses and data lakes. The term data lake first appeared in October 2010 on James Dixon’s blog. The CTO of Business Intelligence specialists Pentaho defined it as follows: “If you think of a datamart as a store of bottled water – cleansed and packaged and structured for easy...

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How and why should #T departments "sell themselves"?

Promoting the IT department, its actions, services and results is an increasingly important issue for companies undergoing the digital transformation. The CIGREF (Club Informatique des Grandes Entreprises Françaises, a group of companies dedicated to “promoting digital culture as a source of innovation and performance”) recently put them in the spotlight by organising the 2nd “Marketing Trophies for IT organisations.” This year, the IT departments of SNCF Réseau, Bonduelle, Axa Group and Orange were praised for their marketing approaches. Cigref, which helps deploy digital technologies in large companies, published a summary of the best practices of the IT organisations that...

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An overview of the impact of the digital transformation

How is digital adoption progressing? What are its potential advantages for education, healthcare, retail? Will CIOs get swept away by the digital wave? How to manage IoT security? The digital transition is opening up new possibilities for all organisations and industry sectors, and as 2015 draws to a close, we look back at some of the major trends of the year as reported by the Econocom blog. And we’ll be back on Monday 4 January 2016. How the flipped classroom can help pupils with learning difficulties. “The flipped classroom, in the conditions of this study, is an effective tool for...

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#CDO vs. #CIO: no longer rivals

Will CDOs replace CIOs? The question is no longer topical. Initial feedback on the roles of CDOs in companies shows that both positions have the same goal: to speed up the digital transformation. But whilst CDOs focus more specifically on a marketing strategy and on putting in place an overall digital-oriented organisation, CIOs concentrates on implementing IT systems and services to match users’ needs. Over the past few months, Chief Digital Officers have been appearing on the org charts of large companies looking to step up their digital transformation. But what are their role and responsibilities, and how does...

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CIOs: Playing second fiddle in the digital transformation?

With IT budgets shrinking and business units outsourcing their requests, CIOs need to adapt the role their departments play in order to take back the reins in the digital transformation. But the game is far from lost. IT departments in three years' time: a new business unit? According to Gartner, "38% of total IT spend is outside of IT already, with a disproportionate amount in digital. By 2017, it will be over 50%. Digital start-ups sit inside your own organisation, in your marketing department, in HR, in logistics and in sales". Faced with this kind of upheaval, the role...

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