Augmented reality

Travelling with augmented reality

Augmented reality offers travel guides and websites with special mobile apps exciting new ways to attract and inform clients. Identified four years ago as a key technology for mobile ICT, particularly in the tourism, entertainment, marketing, retail, publishing and gaming industries, applications with augmented reality capabilities are booming. To take your mind off the monotony of grey skies, the daily commute and general post-holiday blues, here are a few examples of augmented reality apps for tourism. Travel guides These are a must for technology-savvy travellers: Lonely Planet paved the way back in 2010 by creating its augmented reality-enabled Compass...

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A sight for sore eyes: Google, Microsoft and Apple launch smart glasses

In addition to digital giants Google, Microsoft and Apple, Olympus and Sony are jumping on the smart glass bandwagon Smart glasses to hit the market in 2013 - 2014. With augmented reality and QR code-reading capabilities, microphones for natural language voice commands, 3D visualisation, photos and videos, Wi-Fi and e-mail, the glasses of the future benefit from the latest technologies and are set to challenge their larger counterparts, the smartphone and the PC. Google was the first to create a buzz with Project Glass, its prototype augmented reality head-mounted display, which it unveiled in the spring of 2012. Since...

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Augmented reality: from fun to functional

Culture, shopping, industry, traffic… augmented reality applications are finding their way into all aspects of everyday life. Back to the 14th century The ultimate in future technologies, augmented reality can also a sort act as a time machine, as one of the first cultural applications in France shows. Launched in 2008, it offers an insight into interior decorating trends in King Charles V’s study at the Château de Vincennes near Paris. > What was life like 700 years ago? Let a tiger loose at your local shopping mall Shoppers at a UK shopping centre were treated to a very...

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