Augmented reality

Digital meets history!

New technologies can take us on a journey through the galaxy, or through Paris and London through the ages.   New ranges of mobile apps combining GPS and augmented reality technologies are bringing culture and heritage into a whole new dimension. Historical and artistic heritage In the Aquitaine region of France, a number of striking examples of the potential of immersive technologies (2D, 3D, augmented reality) have been used to recreate historical monuments and superimpose them in the real-life environment photographed by a mobile device. Other apps developed by town or regional councils which  combine culture and technology allow users...

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An augmented reality game: coming soon on Google Glass

Augmented reality has become an essential ingredient in the entrainment arena, and particularly where video games are concerned. AR games on consoles, PCs, smartphones – and soon on smart glasses The hugely popular Wii phenomenon Raving Rabbids featured in the Kinect Xbox 360 catalogue in 2011 with augmented reality. Produced by French company Ubisoft, Raving Rabbids: Alive and Kicking combines Microsoft motion sensors and augmented reality technology to bring the rodents – more aggressive and annoying than ever – into the users’ actual environment. Home video games were among the first platforms to include augmented reality regularly, before the...

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Publishing gets (augmented) real

From magazine covers to advertisements and animated books for children and adults, augmented reality is opening up new horizons in the publishing world. 3D and historical reenactments for publishing Far from admitting defeat in the face of competition from the digital boom, the publishing industry is embracing the technology and investing in mobile apps and augmented reality. Among the numerous possibilities available, publishing companies are exploring new products for purchasing “real” paper books combined with a flash code and an app that displays related contextual information, brings static images to life via a mobile video or by turning them...

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Augmented reality gets sporty

The combination of augmented reality and sport is offering exciting new possibilities for broadcasting, marketing and gaming. Augmented reality in broadcasting “Augmented Broadcasting” is already widely used for live broadcasts of sporting events, whereby powerful computing power is used to digitally process real-time game and performance stats, results or display partner logos at the venue. Since 2012, major broadcasters such as the BBC, always at the cutting edge of technology, have taken the process one step further by integrating  more sophisticated augmented reality technology and superimposing studio images with match footage, as was the case for the Euro 2012...

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Real and virtual in the entertainment industry

The entertainment industry is increasingly exploring the seemingly endless possibilities of augmented reality for promotion, developing new mobile apps and creating interactive games. Here are just a few examples… A cold snap hits US shopping malls In order to promote its arctic wildlife DVD series Frozen Planet, the BBC and Discovery Channel put sea lions, polar bears and penguins in shopping malls, where shoppers could interact with the animals via AR.   See the  video. And for cinema buffs… Augmented reality technology is already widely used to help users find their way around cities and locate the nearest coffee shop...

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