Thanks to its patented “ultra-narrow band” technology for connected objects, French startup SigFox is creating quite a buzz in the tech world, attracting partners and investors from all over the world.


For the Internet of things, a cheap but slow network

By Stephen Shankland
Wi-Fi's range is too short, 3G and 4G are too expensive, and both use too much power. A French start-up called Sigfox, says it's licked these network problems -at least for the idea called the Internet of things.
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Cellular Data Network for Inanimate Objects Goes Live in France

By Tom Simonite
SigFox builds its networks in the same way as a cellular provider, using a system of connected antennas that each cover a particular area and link back to the operator’s central network. But the antennas use a different radio technology, developed by SigFox, known as ultra narrow band. This technology would not be of much use for streaming video to an iPhone, but it allows devices connecting to the network to consume very little energy, says Nicholls, and it allows for very long-range connections.
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Silicon Labs collaborates with SIGFOX to tap the potential of the Internet of Things

By Paul Buckley
“The collaboration between Silicon Labs and SIGFOX provides a solid wireless platform for M2M communication and cloud connectivity,” said Diwakar Vishakhadatta, vice president and general manager of Silicon Labs’ Embedded Systems business. “The integration of SIGFOX’s breakthrough UNB technology further strengthens Silicon Labs’ position as a leading supplier of mixed-signal solutions for smart energy, connected home, and other monitoring and control applications for the Internet of Things.”
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Europe drives world’s first dedicated narrowband cellular network for the Internet of Things

By Nick Flaherty
M2M module supplier Telit Wireless Solutions is working with French network operator SIGFOX on the first cellular network fully dedicated to machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) communications using narrowband links.
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Connected objects: SIGFOX Deploys its Network in Russia and the Netherlands

At the round table of infrastructure operators, TDF conveyed its enthusiasm for the collaboration with SIGFOX to deploy its network in France. A speaker representing Deutsche Telekom stressed that the Internet of Things can develop on a large scale through a network complementary to GSM and similar to that implemented by SIGFOX. Furthermore, EADS Astrium highlighted the immense potential of UNB (Ultra Narrow Band), the SIGFOX solution's underlying technology, linked to a constellation of satellites.
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