They aren’t as well-known as PowerPoint or Prezi: they’re called Focusky and Slides. These programs will bring quality and a certain “wow factor” to your catalogue, project and balance sheet presentations. That’s exactly what you need to capture your audience’s attention and make a difference. Adapted to smartphones and tablets, featuring rich media, interactive and collaborative functionalities, cloud-hosted, these tools are not only practical but adapted to the digital workplace. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t use them.


With Focusky, you can create slideshows comparable to the best video creations: rich in multimedia content, fully customisable, with 3D transitions and HD rendering features. This presentation tool can integrate PowerPoint documents and is simple to use thanks to drag-and-drop functionalities. The program features a great number of ready-made models which you only need to adapt to your needs and style. And it’s free.

  • A proper rich-media presentation: with Focusky you can obviously integrate text and graphics, but also hypertext links, pictures, sounds (including music but mainly recordings of explanations), slideshows, characters, animated drawings and objects, videos (even from YouTube), and Flash animations.
  • Several saving formats: if you want to work offline, you can save your files as SWF, XML, MP4, HTML, EXE, APP, ZIP and PDF before uploading them onto YouTube for example, or transferring them as attachments.
  • Presentations that are always accessible: the editor offers free cloud hosting for your creations. For more security, the save files are encoded. That way you can work on your presentations and show them from a computer when you’re away. The creations can be exported as APP, HTML and MP4 video, thus accessible from a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone without having to download the program. On a tablet or smartphone, the functionalities are limited but you still can add annotations via the mobile app.


Its only problem? It’s only available in English. But a non-English speaking user can still bypass this problem, thanks to the program’s very clear interface and functionalities that are presented as icons for the most part.

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Slides —don’t confuse it with Google Slides— is one of the new office automation tools for As-a-Service presentations that do not require downloading. The creation interface is accessible on browsers; documents are saved in the cloud but can also be stored offline. Creations are accessible on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones. This powerful, intuitive tool is probably harder to adapt to than Focusky, but your presentations will really look professional.

There are free and paid versions of the app. In the free version, your work will be publicly displayed. In the paid version, the fee ranges from $5 to $20 a month, for one or more users with several sharing possibilities for collaborative work, limited or unlimited storing capacities, a record of changes, and Google Analytics statistics.

The advantages

  • The collaborative mode and its advanced functionalities: you can see if your co-workers are online (see screenshot below). They can either comment on the work in real time or be notified of any modification or new data that need to be added.
  • Real time: the documents can be viewed in real time by a geographically remote audience, via a link. Your presentation is displayed live, synchronised with your remote actions.
  • A smartphone as a remote control: in-person presentations can be controlled from a touch-screen mobile device: no more fickle remote controls
  • Web integration: the presentation can be displayed in an internet page.


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Cloud-based, collaborative, offline, for PC or for Android devices, iPhone or iPad, there are other tools to create presentations, such as: