What is the impact of digital technologies and cloud computing on the concept of workspace and living space, and the line between private and professional? Here’s an overview of some current thoughts on the matter. 

Google and Amazon hired these architects to invent the future of work

By Marcus Wohlsen

Amazon’s  Biospheres ©NBBJ

Amazon’s Biospheres ©NBBJ

NBBJ describes its practices as “computational design,” an approach akin to fashioning a website or mobile app. As much as possible, it tries to anticipate and simulate how a building’s occupants — its users — will experience the spaces they inhabit. From those insights, NBBJ architects can design structures that encourage the kinds of worker behavior that the Samsungs and the Amazons believe will help their businesses succeed.
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The Future of Work – The changing office

By Bruno Marzloff
How it is today. 
You check your emails before jumping in the shower and dressing for work. Between boiling the kettle and waiting for the toast, you boot up your lap top and deal with several queries and clients over breakfast, staying back to deal with one or two more before leaving for the office. The train isn’t so crowded because it’s mid-morning before you turn in to work, you have a sandwich in front of the screen and say hello to your colleague across the way [...]
Staying in control of your life is everything because the work and the demands are relentless and you need to know every trick in the book to make it manageable. You miss the tea trolley, those long lunches and your secretary but that’s how it is now. Work has changed.
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New Year’s resolution: achieve social digital workspace greatness

By Sharon Palermo
The reason our digital work-space is the most preferred place for me to connect is that I am able to find personalized information and content that is directed to my team space. I can communicate in real-time with co-workers that I need to communicate with. I can find those outside of my team space that may have valuable information to share and not only can I locate the information easily, I can have it in different forms. This allows me to get my work done quicker and more accurately, which in turn helps the team to reach our goals more efficiently.
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