New technologies can take us on a journey through the galaxy, or through Paris and London through the ages.  

New ranges of mobile apps combining GPS and augmented reality technologies are bringing culture and heritage into a whole new dimension.

Réalité-augmentée_Londres_smallHistorical and artistic heritage

In the Aquitaine region of France, a number of striking examples of the potential of immersive technologies (2D, 3D, augmented reality) have been used to recreate historical monuments and superimpose them in the real-life environment photographed by a mobile device. Other apps developed by town or regional councils which  combine culture and technology allow users to create holograms of historical characters just by holding up a smartphone’s camera to an attraction, or see London as it was throughout history (photo).

AR also has a lot to offer film buffs: with Cinemacity, developed by cultural TV channel Arte, the Paris City Council, France’s National Cinematography Centre and transmedia studio Small Bang, you can visit the sets of famous films shot in Paris.


They may have been there since time began, but apart from amateur and professional astronomers, few of us can actually name the planets, not to mention the dozens of constellations or thousands of stars in the celestial sphere. But thanks to apps such as The Night Sky (watch the video demo) and Starmap, you can explore and find out about the stars just by holding up your smartphone to the sky.

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