#Retail and #logistics: a revolution in the supply chain

Behind every 24-hour delivery, there’s a whole supply chain at work: NFC tracking, RFID tagging, transportation management system (TMS) software, updating processes and IT systems:  companies are making substantial investments and efforts to stay competitive. Delivering to consumers is one of the keys to connected commerce: a differentiating factor where choosing a retailer is concerned and the top reason for shopping cart abandonment. And online shoppers are becoming increasingly demanding: a study by MetaPack via Voxlog revealed that 83% of consumers would like shipping information to feature on the product pages, while 80% expect an exact delivery time and...

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#SaaS: a powerful driver for the #digitaltransformation

Switching from on-premise mode to Software-as-a-Service is now a major priority for organisations; it’s also a godsend for SMBS. 11 to 16: that’s the number of off-the-shelf apps most businesses use, irrespective of their size, according to a report by Okta from a dataset of 4,000 applications. As for the most popular ones, Microsoft Office 365 was a clear winner, followed by CRM solution Salesforce. The top ten also featured content storage solution Box, Google Apps and Dropbox. Does this spell the end of on-premise apps? SaaS business apps for office automation, marketing, e-commerce, analytics, customer care, logistics, HR,...

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The #Cloud: still being used on a one-off basis

Companies may be implementing cloud projects, but these are generally purely to address one-off technological needs or to look for innovation in their businesses, and are isolated from the rest of the company. Analysts agree on this, but some research for 2015 shows that organisations are beginning to implement the cloud as part of a more strategic, holistic approach. Is cloud adoption only just taking off? It would seem so, according to an international survey by IDC/Cisco. Whilst most companies are using or planning to implement some form of cloud (57%), very few have an optimised strategy for the...

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Why companies are adopting #hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud is on a number of companies’ wish list. Offering a private platform for critical resources and a flexible, low-cost public system to provide resources on demand, it seems to offer the best of both worlds. Even when incorporated into the same infrastructure, the different types of cloud (private, community or public) remain separate entities, but are bound together by standardised or proprietary technology that enables data and application portability (see article on emedia: Private, hybrid, as-a-service: the latest cloud trends.) According to Pierre Audoin Consultant, this is precisely the advantage of hybrid cloud: “Hybrid cloud is a...

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#ITaaS: transforming IT departments into “an agile business partner”

Flexibility, services, limited costs, increased security… With IT-as-a-Service and service catalogues, IT departments now have the opportunity to take on a new role: that of a service provider for the business lines, whilst ensuring more consistency and better control over applications. Originally published on 11 February 2014, updated on 13 February 2015 Businesses are under ever-increasing pressure to respond and deliver faster, meaning IT departments have to deploy applications more quickly and make them more scalable. CIOs are thus increasingly important to a company’s ability to innovate and remain competitive. ITaaS: a new opportunity for IT organisations This view...

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