Month: November 2011

Tomorrow’s workspace: strategies and solutions

The user-driven consumerisation trend and the various technological and financial restrictions IT departments are faced with are forcing CIOs to re-think the workstations in their organisations. Supported by Gartner’s research, Econocom’s publication outlines a strategy for transforming an organisation’s distributed IT infrastructure. Technology context, case studies, comparative budget analyses, etc This new report published by Econocom and including Gartner’s latest research offers CIOs planning IT infrastructure transformation projects overall guidelines for addressing workstation changes. Illustrated with various tables summarising and comparing data, the report focus on four main areas. 1- Taking technology trends onboard This part examines: The limitations...

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Digital consumption: the future will be driven by content.

Multi-connected, multi-screen and multi-platform: the future of digital devices « Will the device be king? » This was the theme IDATE, one of Europe’s leading market analysis and consulting firms in the telecom, internet and media industries, chose for its annual conference, the DigiWorld Summit. This question reflects the increasing difficulty experienced by smartphone manufacturers to stand out from the competition. And the answer given during the various conferences won’t go very far to reassure them: as most recent smartphones - in terms of technical features - are pretty much the same, only a substantial drop in price will allow suppliers...

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Try out a 3.0 hotel room with Microsoft and Novotel

New technology and optimal comfort:  with the Xbox 360, Microsoft and Accor have revolutionised hotel rooms. A comfortable bed and state-of-the-art technology With 3120, at the Novotel Vaugirard Montparnasse, Novotel and Microsoft are taking the hotel experience into the future. So what exactly is it? A complete reinvention of the concept of space, with compact, intimate areas , a  “decompression chamber” between the outside world and the “spacious sensorial environment”, state-of-the-art design, and a range of digital technology at your fingertips. A 100% digital experience Central to this revolutionary concept and to the partnership between the Accord group hotel...

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€9.2 billion for digital technologies

A €9.2 billion fund is to be made available by the European Commission for digital infrastructures and services. High-speed broadband for everyone The European Commission is launching a major €50 bn funding programme to boost European networks in the transport, energy and IT and telecoms sectors. IT and telecommunications will benefit from €9.2 bn in an attempt to "support investment in fast and very fast broadband networks and pan-European digital services.” The targets of this “digital strategy for Europe” include broadband of over 30 megabits per second for everyone, and enabling 50% of households to subscribe to ultra-fast broadband of...

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Videoconferencing: more than just an eco-friendly solution

From reducing travel expenses and CO² to saving time, videoconferencing has undeniable benefits. Videoconferencing: fast ROI Around 22.4 million tonnes of CO² a year (around 29 million flights from London to New-York) could be saved if 20% of business travel were replaced by remote communication exchanges, according to the WWF. Quite apart from the environmental considerations, any calculations for investing in a videoconferencing solution should also take into account the potential savings in terms of travel expenses and productivity gains for the company resulting from optimised organisation and increased employee presence. Industry experts agree that the budget for a...

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