How can you be sure your PC hasn’t been infected by DNSChanger? The answer is just one click away.

What is DNSChanger?
First discovered in 2011, this piece of malware infects computers and changes their DNS settings, thereby redirecting web links to rogue servers. According to the FBI, who arrested the cyber ring who created the malware last November, some 4 million computers worldwide were compromised, enabling the cybercriminals to collect user data and millions of dollars in illegal earnings.

After seizing the Domain Name System (DNS) servers it set up to replace rogue DNS servers in November, the FBI, plans to unplug them on 8 March, resulting in an internet blackout for  the computers infected with the malware.

How to test your computer?
Just log onto the official test website, which is available in several languages.

Consult your IT department  IT provider to remove the virus, or type  “How to Remove DNSchanger” in Google.