Month: May 2012

Smart cities: the top-ranking towns in Europe

So what exactly is a smart city? And where do new technologies come in? What makes a town smart and hip A number of elements can be considered characteristic of a smart city or “city 2.0”: smart street furniture, as seen in Paris, Wi-Fi hotspots, town planning schemes with a focus on the environment and quality of life, or new, ultra-connected towns such as New Songdo in South Korea. The role of new technologies Mobile solutions, connectivity, smart grids, smart objects, automatic transport management, open data: all these technology trends are combining to transform towns as we know them....

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“Technology made easy”: Econocom launches its very first advertising campaign in France

From 29 May to mid-July, Econocom is running an advertising campaign in the French press. Econocom’s message to the decision-makers This advertising campaign, which targets businesses who wish to benefit from new digital technologies without the hassles of implementing and managing them, is running in the printed press only, including the national daily newspapers, news and economic magazines and trade press. “This photo campaign is a first for Econocom. The visual elements are designed to appeal to the reader through a positive image and a very simple message. This advertisement reflects our competitive differentiation and our view of the...

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Telemedicine in Europe and the US

In terms of ground-breaking experiences and nationwide implementation, e-health varies considerably from country to country. The first experiments in the US Despite being considerably driven by the advent of ICT, telemedicine was not a 21st-century invention: the very first remote consultation via a 2-voice interactive television was carried out in the USA in the late 1950s in psychiatry. Around the same time in Canada, a remote radiology diagnosis was carried out by sending the X-rays via coax cable. Other significant examples include the role of space programmes in remote healthcare monitoring and, in particular, NASA’s innovations in monitoring the...

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Marc Julien joins Econocom as Director of Acquisitions and Integration

Marc Julien will be in charge of investigating and implementing new external growth transactions in all the countries in which the Group operates. Geographical, business and service acquisition projects “For a number of years now, our mixed growth strategy has combined organic growth with acquisitions. With Marc Julien on board, we will now be able to look into more acquisition opportunities, both geographically and in terms of business, particularly in the services sector, where we intend to expand and enhance our expertise”, says Jean‐Louis Bouchard, Chairman of Econocom. Marc will work closely with the Group’s Managing Directors, Jean-Philippe Roesch...

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After experimenting with a beta version in the academic world, Microsoft has now officially launched its new media sharing application to the general public. Microsoft more than just another social network It may be yet another social network, but (pronounced “social”) broadens the concept of web search result sharing via Bing and “video parties”, i.e. sharing videos online with a group of people and having discussions on them. thus combines the advantages of all the existing popular tools such as Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest and Twitter in terms of information sharing and comments on various topics,...

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