Month: December 2011

Augmented reality: from fun to functional

Culture, shopping, industry, traffic… augmented reality applications are finding their way into all aspects of everyday life. Back to the 14th century The ultimate in future technologies, augmented reality can also a sort act as a time machine, as one of the first cultural applications in France shows. Launched in 2008, it offers an insight into interior decorating trends in King Charles V’s study at the Château de Vincennes near Paris. > What was life like 700 years ago? Let a tiger loose at your local shopping mall Shoppers at a UK shopping centre were treated to a very...

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The Web: chronicle of a death foretold

Without mincing his words, George Colony, CEO of Forrester announced the decline of the web and the rise of the internet of applications. The web is dead. Long live the app internet In a rather daring and controversial speech at the Web’11 congress* in Paris this month, George Colony, CEO of Forrester Research, predicted the death of the web (not to be confused with the internet), and the rise of application internet. Colony argued that, with processing power doubling every 18 months, storage capacity doing the same thing every 12 months, and costs of device connectivity and cloud applications...

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IT departments: challenges and changes for 2012

Changes in patterns of IT use are forcing companies’ IT departments to rethink their strategy. Consumerisation, Bring your Own Device Users hooked on new IT gadgets are either using their own devices in the workplace (30% according to Forrester, 70% for IDC) or demanding similar equipment from their companies, a trend that is raising issues of flexibility, interoperability and security for IT managers. Smartphones, tablets: the proliferation of mobile platforms With such a diversity of mobile devices used, IT departments have to tackle the issue of managing heterogeneous operating systems. According to Gartner, by 2015 an employee will use...

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A digital city to emerge in South Korea

As part of an ambitious pilot programme, the fully-connected New Songdo City, near Seoul, is to be inaugurated in 2020. Project began in 2001; 1st phase completed in 2009 The idea is somewhat fanciful to say the least: building a city from scratch on reclaimed land for a cost of around 30 billion dollars, as a symbol of the ultimate in state-of-the-art urban development. For the residents of this smart, hyper-connected city, wallets and keys will be a thing of the past: everything from underground and bus tickets to parking a car, from opening doors to hiring a car will...

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M-commerce and m-payment: promising results in 2011

Purchasing and payment via smartphones and tablets has boomed this year. Mobile commerce services The impact of the SNCF (French national railways) mobile apps 2009: iPhone application launched. 2011: mobile app available for iPad, BlackBerry and Android. 3 million applications downloaded this year. 2 million train tickets sold. 100,000 train tickets sold via iPad (15% of total sales via mobile devices). Mobile sales account for 3% of SNCF’s business. 25% of mobile clients only use this system for booking tickets. 20% of mobile purchasers are new customers. (French invite-only online retailer): 14% of orders come from the mobile...

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