Month: July 2011

Big data: a major technology challenge

Mining and using massive volumes of disparate data is now a major technological and commercial issue that can be the key to a company’s competitiveness. According to a McKinsey study, the annual value of big data is estimated at €250 billion in Europe. What is Big Data? Dubbed an “IT revolution” and “the biggest IT challenge of the decade”, big data refers to the new science of data concerned with analysing and using sets of raw data produced by ICT users, enterprises and consumers. Captured in real time from servers via sources as varied as the internet, mobile phones,...

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Smart Grids: intelligent power management

Promoted as a means of ensuring more efficient electricity production and distribution, smart grid technology, a combination of physical networks and IT, is the focus of major research and pilot programmes. The idea behind the smart grid Smart grid solutions use information technology to optimise energy production and distribution and ensure that utility companies can meet consumers’ needs more efficiently. A smart grid consists of physical networks linked via sensors to IT control centres, powerful data analysis systems and communicating meters for end-users. The advantages of such solutions include a load-management strategy that reduces peak hour demand for energy, reduced...

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Google +: the new social networking tool

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn… and now Google+, 2011 has seen a proliferation of both personal and professional social networking sites. Google strikes back To rival the success of Facebook and Twitter, Google launched its own social network a few weeks ago. Named Google+, this newcomer to the social networking space is still at the experimental phase (or “field trial”, as Google calls it), and can be accessed on an invite-only basis. And yet, it has already proved extremely popular: with 10 million subscribers in 10 days – expected to reach 20 million soon – the virtual word-of-mouth has gone into...

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Digital business cards

Obsolète la « Business Card » cartonnée qu’on distribue à ses nouveaux contacts ? Oui dans ses limites actuelles, non si elle est enrichie d’intelligence numérique. Communicating business cards This is the challenge that Korean manufacturer Hicel rose to when it launched business cards featuring an NFC chip, a QR code and sufficient memory capacity for e-mail addresses, CVs, links to social networking sites, etc, and the ability to transfer data to a mobile terminal. But Hicel were not the first ones to introduce such technology: Cisco are also in the running.  These latest gadgets take existing applications such as Bump, one step...

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Hardware: the figures are very encouraging

The high-end and midrange server markets performed well at the beginning of 2011, partly due to cloud computing adoption. Servers, mainframe: double-digit revenue growth For the first time in four years, the server market reported double-digit revenue growth in EMEA in Q1 2011, according to IDC. Lagging slightly behind global growth (+ 12.1 %), the EMEA market (+ 10.8 %) reached $3.5 billion. Midrange and high-end servers in particular distinguished themselves, soaring by 13.2% and 15.3% respectively, to the detriment of entry-level servers (9.2%). In terms of volume, no less than 580,000 units were sold in early 2011. Mainframes,...

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Econocom designs, finances and oversees companies’ digital transformation.

With over 9,000 employees in 19 countries and revenue in excess of €2.3 billion, Econocom has all the requisite abilities to ensure the successful implementation of large-scale digital projects: consulting, sourcing and technology management & financing of digital assets, infrastructure, application and business solution services, and project financing.

The Econocom Group share (BE0974266950 - ECONB) has been listed on the Euronext NYSE in Brussels since 1986 and is part of the BelMid index.

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